BETEN International was founded in 1996 by Jean Roche on the basis of previous engineering activities in France and abroad in different fields such as industrial and military sectors, nuclear and pharmaceutical industry or services sector.

During the USSR period, Jean Roche had signed an agreement on the construction of 20 modular plants throughout the Soviet Union on the principles of an innovative process invented by him and registered at the INPI (French National Institute of Industrial Protection) in France.

The first plant was built in Azerbaijan, and as he was about to complete the second one in Ukraine, the Soviet bloc was shattered and most of the former Soviet countries took their independence. Thus, in 1991, he decided to move his activities from the center of Moscow which, at that time, was the only possible entry to this zone for foreigners, to the young Ukrainian democracy.

He finalized the construction of this printed circuit boards factory (still operating), and was paid for his services through agricultural raw materials. Convinced by the development potential of this country, he continued to assist the agricultural sector transition in Ukraine through commercialization of machines (tractors, combine harvesters, irrigation systems, etc.) and finally decided to directly involve his business in some agricultural production activities, in particular aromatic plants.

This activity gave him the opportunity to invest in processes of transformation such as distillation of these plants in order to produce essential oils. The company then acquired an expertise in the renovation and construction of industrial plants, as well as import of material and sales of products in Europe and all around the world.

Eager to provide its plants with more energetic independence, the company started to explore biomass opportunities and more generally the sector of renewable energies. Approval of the new Ukrainian law on green tariff in April 2009, contributed to the development of this new emerging sector and today, BETEN is playing an active role in studies for implementation of wind farms, solar power stations and renovation of mini hydro-power plants, installation of biomass or biogas units and application of the Kyoto Protocol for reducing methane emissions in the atmosphere.
Thus, BETEN is applying its core activity of engineering and consulting to agricultural, industrial and energy projects linked with a strong environmental orientation.

Enrichened by this experience, BETEN is eager to shares its knowledge and its partners network with the companies interested in investing or developing projects in the countries of Eastern Europe. For this purpose we offer a big range of specific thematic tours in order to give a personalized answer to the specific clients’ needs.


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